Managing Director, CEO

Technical education and training in India aims at developing skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirements of the industries and to prepare people for employment. This is done through a large number of Self Employment Oriented Courses. Through diversification into production and service oriented courses it is desired to reduce the aimless pursuit of higher education and thereby reduce pressure from the less significant education. Most of the Courses range in duration from 3 Months to 2 Years. We award certificates to student’s on completion of courses. The Curriculum is highly practice oriented and the elements of general education are kept at minimum. The procedure of these courses find placement in organized public and private sector industrial and business establishments. Majority of them go for self-employment. We felt a tremendous scope and opportunity to expand this special education through our institute, providing ample prospects to our students. “So Welcome to P.V.S. ! We train bright young people aiming to be the future leaders in creative and business domain of education. I wish you all the best to make an informed and well-judged career choice for yourself “.



He served various Companies till he started his own Brand SmartEdu Online. Since then he has been associated with various Companies in the capacity of Top Management. He now specializes in Franchising, Marketing and has a flair for getting excellent Media deals Dilip is a seasoned Entrepreneur and takes care of the Planning and Strategic Development for PVS. Under his Supervision PVS has developed from Training Startup to Online Education and Training. He has a wide area of expertise ranging from formulating business strategies, managing online marketing campaigns to innovative operational execution. Apart from work, loves learning new things, traveling and of course, a big time foodie! With a vision to help our students, add value to their personality by providing quality knowledge, in harmony with provincial institutes, market information and professional services and products, we, at PVS are determined to enhance the quality and credibility of each one who comes under our guidance.