Part 1

About CA ( Chartered Accountancy )

Chartered accountancy also known as ca is one of the most prominent professional course sought for by the commerece students.

Ca’s are the backbones of the finance department of all the companies irres[ective of its size as these are those persons who prepare the financial statements like company’s balance sheet, profit and loss statement and other fianancial statements at the end of accounting year and once these documents gets certified by ca’s only then these statements are accepted by various departments of governments.

The work of a chartered accountant mainly revolves around

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Financial analysis.
About CPT( common proficiency test)

CPT is an entry level examination for thestudent aspring for chartered accountancy the duration of test is 4 hrs divided into 2 sessions of 2 hrs each in which the students are analysed on the knowledge of 4 subjects.

  • Session – i (two sections– two hours – 100 marks)
  • Section a: fundamentals of accounting ( 60 marks )
  • Section b: mercantile laws ( 40 marks )
  • Session – ii (two sections– two hours – 100 marks)
  • Section c: general economics ( 50 marks )
  • Section d: quantitative aptitude ( 50 marks )

Aspirants can appear for this entrance examination twice in a year (June and December).